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Scan Engine is a cutting-edge 3D scanning studio specialized in the entertainment industry, located in the center of Paris, France.

All inclusive scan

• A team of 3D and VFX experts
• High quality data pipeline
• VFX-Ready & Game-Ready files

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120-camera setup

• Tailored and modulable
• An unprecedented level of detail
• Human, object and environment 3D scanning

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Scan Engine can scan about everything

Face Scan

- Facial expressions
- Retopology
- Textures
- Scan morph

Full body scan

- Neutral “T-pose”
- In-movement shot
- Textures
- Scan morph

Object & environment scan

- Small objects, vehicles...
- Rocks, buildings...

We are a team of seasoned professionals coming from the animation, video game and cinema industries.

We are aware of the constraints faced by our clients, which is why we are constantly working with the objectives of efficiency and quality in mind.


Our scans implemented in film projects


Based on the photogrammetry technique,
our technology allows us to precisely measure a model based on photographs,
and restore the exact geometric position of its points.

The setup

All 120 cameras are set up to a modulable 360° metal rig surrounded by lights and triggered simultaneously in 1/100th seconds around the subject, in order to recreate the 3D model.

strcuture-1 strcuture-2 strcuture-3 strcuture-4

Scan morph

Our proprietary pipeline was developed specially to anticipate the animation of the models, and thus enables us to handle scan morph while keeping a perfect alignment for topology and textures


More realistic, more precise

Our team is composed of professionals from the 3D and VFX studio Unit Image.

Thanks to our expertise and passion, we are able to produce very high quality renders quickly, and ready to be implemented in our clients’ projects.

Seasoned team in 3D animation and VFX

Extensive knowledge of production constraints

Expertise in face scanning

Data is ready to be integrated in VFX pipelines and real-time engines

R&D and constant technological innovation



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360 structure view